City Council

Mayor of the City perform his duties with the assistance of the City.

The organizational structure of the City Council formed faculties, lectures and independent jobs and organizational units with a different name.

Since January 1999. Rudzki City Hall carries out the tasks of the district. Today, this building has a modern computer network supports 160-thousand inhabitants, and its 70. Birthdays - September 1998 - received a new design. Modernization of office continues.

August 31, 1999 r. Officially opened in Pavilion B of the Municipal Office. Together with the adjoining property of the West Bank was a very graceful architectural block. Pavilion B falls Department of Civil Affairs, Office of Civil Status and Passport Office. There is also a marriage hall. In this way the inhabitants of Ruda Slaska, better and more comfortable may have to deal there.

It should be emphasized that the building is not only pretty but also friendly for the disabled. Wheelchair ramp was built, installed an elevator and a spacious adequately equipped toilets on each floor. Elevator is equipped with buttons that recognize the blind. Color interior is maintained in the key of chłodnopastelowej, which gives the interior gravity and at the same time gives the impression of spaciousness.

From 23 October 1997, working. rudaslaska. com / default. aspx? docId = 128 "target =" _self "> Citizens Service Bureau. In one place, on the ground floor of the Office, you can find information about how to settle all issues and on procedures. The Office is also supported people with disabilities. In this way, many residents made not only information about how to settle its case, but it may also fill in at the request of an individual case, and some of these applications can be made immediately without having to go to the relevant faculty.